Land Port of Entry Modernization Design/Build
Churubusco, NY

James J. Maddonni, PE, PLS, CME
Vice President and Regional Technology Principal

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Pennoni Associates, in partnership with BBIX Architects and MCC/Catamount Construction, is working on the new design/build Churubusco LPOE. It will be constructed utilizing the CBP micro port design. Based on preliminary designs, a phased construction of the new port would occur, allowing for uninterrupted border services. The proposed buildings are configured on the site so that construction would not interfere with existing port operations.

Construction activities include a new two-story Main Port Building (approximately 4,500 gross square feet) southwest of the existing building. State Route 189 will be permanently rerouted into the new Main ort Building just West of the existing highway. Other support facilities include enclosed parking for government personnel. Additional parking spaces will be provided for visitors, staff, and referrals needing additional processing. A communications tower, 80 feet or less in height, will be constructed adjacent to the Main Port Building. According to current site plans, impervious surfaces will total approximately 84,500 square feet (including the main port and associated  paved roadways) once construction is complete.

A new septic system with drain fields on the western portion of the site to replace the existing septic system will be built. The existing septic system will be removed. A new potable water well will be constructed with new piping, pumps, treatment systems, and storage tanks to replace the well currently on site. The new well will also service landscape irrigation and fire protection. Existing electrical and telephone lines will be relocated from their current positions and transferred underground. Sidewalks, building entrances and building interiors will be constructed to meet ADA requirements (GSA 2003) Storm water retention basins or other best management practices will be used in the site design. New construction at the LOPE will implement green building strategies to achieve a minimum “Certified” Rating under LEED New Construction and Major Renovation Version 3.0, and comply with the Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Memorandum of Understanding (Grone, et al. 2006).

The micro port design used at the Churubusco LPOE will be optimized for security, operational, and mission requirements. At the same time, this design will minimize impacts to the surrounding environment.