Land Port of Entry Modernization Design/Build
Pittsburg, NH

James J. Maddonni, PE, PLS, CME
Vice President and Regional Technology Principal

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Pennoni Associates, in partnership with BBIX Architects and MCC/Catamount Construction, is working on the modernization of the Land Port of Entry facility on US Highway 3. This project consists of the design and construction of a new United States Land Port of Entry (LPOE) building and associated site facilities using small port standard layout for the proposed building.  Along with the building design were the design and engineering for associated roadways, parking areas for P.O.V and trucks, vehicle inspection station, security measures and supporting infrastructure to maintain existing operations during the construction of the new permanent facilities. 

A phased approach was required to maintain the existing Border Crossing operations and to assure proper security measures throughout the construction period.  The design was also required to provide mutual compatibility and integration of all new site, building and security systems.

The design team was required to provide a LEED™ accredited professional to validate the sustainable aspects of the project.  The design addressed temporary and new utility services and connections, grading, geotechnical investigations, phasing of temporary operations, environmental impacts, stormwater management facilities, identification of any unique design elements and any deviations from the provided concept, identification of sustainability aspects as well as core building materials, finishes, fixtures along with energy efficient building systems and advances security systems.