Mining & Mineral Processing

Pennoni Mining & Minerals Processing

With the changing environmental and technological landscape, mining capabilities in the United States and across the world have grown greatly. Consequently, rules and regulations regarding mining and mineral processing have also expanded to adapt to the latest advancements in the market. Pennoni works to stay abreast of industry best practices and looks to see how the client can be best helped through comprehensive design, planning, and engineering services. Our team has experience working with aggregates, coal, and precious and recoverable metals, and can tailor our engineering and design services to meet regulatory specifications. Our experience includes:

  • In-situ Minerals Recovery
  • ISR Process Innovations
  • Conventional Mine & Mill Design
  • Mine Tailings Management
  • Mine Water Treatment Facilities
  • Process Evaluations
Daniel Leandri, PE, BCEE
Environmental Division Manager
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