Edward G. Rendell

Former Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell
Former Governor of Pennsylvania

The recipient of the inaugural Ellipse Award is former Governor of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell. His dedication to living his values has been a true inspiration, and his ability to communicate ideas and inspire cooperation has led to significant success in improving and preserving our precious infrastructure. His recognition of the importance of embracing change as an avenue to continuous improvement and considering new and innovative ideas are among the many reasons he has been chosen as the recipient of this Quality of Life award.

After 34 years of public service, including 24 years as an elected official, Governor Rendell continues to pursue many of the same issues he was passionate about while serving. His commitment to making America a cleaner, more efficient place and to fostering investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure is as strong as it has ever been. Rendell served two terms as Governor of Pennsylvania (2003-2011) and oversaw a budget of $28.3 billion as the chief executive of the nation’s 6th-most-populous state.

As Governor, Rendell was committed to making government more responsible and responsive to the public’s needs, and he successfully cut wasteful spending and improved efficiency leading to savings of over $1 billion. His legislative agenda focused on commonsense political reform and putting progress ahead of partisanship. During his two terms as Mayor of Philadelphia (1992-2000), Rendell eliminated a crippling deficit, balanced the City’s budget, and generated five consecutive budget surpluses.