William P. Hankowsky

William P. Hankowsky
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Property Trust

The recipient of the 2008 Ellipse Award is William P. Hankowsky, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Property Trust. Under his leadership, Liberty has become among the nation's leading commercial developers of high-performance green buildings. With each new project comes the improvement of infrastructure of the community around it; with each green project come an improvement to our future. His ability to embrace change as an avenue to improvement, along with his recognition of the importance of improving our infrastructure to make our planet one that we are proud to pass along to our children and grandchildren, are among the many reasons he has been chosen as the recipient of this Quality of Life award.

Mr. Hankowsky joined Liberty in January of 2001 as Chief Investment Officer, and was responsible for refining the company’s corporate strategy and investment process. In 2002, he was named President, and in 2003 was appointed Chief Executive Officer and elected Chairman of Liberty’s Board of Trustees.

Prior to joining Liberty, he served for 11 years as President of the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), where he oversaw the city’s economic development agency, managing 11 industrial parks, operating 20 loan programs, and coordinating major projects including a new arena, convention center, hotels, and stadium. Prior to PIDC, Mr. Hankowsky was the city of Philadelphia’s Commerce Director.