Environmental Group Published in Remediation

Mar 07, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
Environmental Group Published in Remediation

Pennoni was published in the spring 2016 issue of Remediation. The article was submitted by Senior Hydrologist I. Richard Schaffner, with assistance from Chief Environmental Engineer Kevin Davis, and Graduate Environmental Scientists Kaleigh Ewing and Daniel Tkoushian. Consultant Project Manager from CB&I also contributed to the published article.

The paper reports on the only bioremediation application for a trichloroethene (TCE) dense, non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) that achieved non-detect about 2 µg/L for TCE, which was confirmed by a member of the BioDNAPL Team commissioned by the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) to investigate bioremediation applications for DNAPLs. The result was achieved using food-grade waste, as opposed to commercial additives – a green and sustainable application. 

Remediation is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the practical application of remediation techniques and technologies.