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We approach the start of every project as the beginning of a collaboration because we understand the value of partnership. As a multidisciplinary firm, Pennoni has the ability to approach engineering challenges from a wider spectrum of angles than most. From land development to energy management, our expertise runs deep and our passion for problem-solving runs even deeper.

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Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

Pennoni is committed to creating a working environment that welcomes candidates, current employees, and clients to embrace differences and grow together. Our collaborative environment allows all individuals to actively engage and bring different ideas to the table – creating and strengthening innovation. Through targeting diverse candidates, encouraging our employees to further their education and to participate in organizations that empower diverse groups to succeed and advance in their careers, we strive to maintain a learning environment for our employees.

The Pennoni Difference

Pennoni milestones are bigger than any one project. We measure achievement in innovation, efficiency, and excellence. The footprint of our work may be large, but our focal point is not just on “where”; it’s on “how”. We are relentless in our aim to bring fresh perspectives and new technologies. We establish relationships based on trust and longevity. The net effect? Our combination of talent and experience that generates unprecedented solutions for diverse projects around the globe.

Where We Work


Our hands-on approach and forward-thinking manner has created problems with engineers in the past. However, you and your team have embraced out methods, and we have developed a good working relationship.

- New Castle Municipal Services Commision

First of all, I want to thank Pennoni. You guys are the best. Without you, I don’t know where we would have been on this project. I know safety is the primary concern for all of us. That was our number one concern as a city.

- James

From the initial pre-planning meeting through the project completion, the Pennoni engineers, designers and project managers met every expectation and insured a successful result.

- David

Pennoni was able to help guide our community through a five-year process which saw a failed concrete bridge which was traveled by over 600 vehicles a day, transformed into brand new construction which is designed to today’s standards. Without Pennoni’s ability to manage a project which required ongoing communications between a private community and various State and County regulatory and funding entities, the project might have never got off the ground, and might have resulted in a public safety disaster and a collapse in the value of our homes and property.

- Rob


Our team offers ambition, innovation, and solutions

Growth is a cornerstone of our guiding principles. Over the past 55+ years, Pennoni has expanded up and down the east coast to cater to clients and work with new partners. We take pride in the work of our employees and their dedication to improving the world around them, both inside and outside of the office.

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