Energy Management

Energy Management

Pennoni can provide unmatched energy management services through the use of the firm’s proprietary web-based active energy management platform, Pennoni OPTICS. OPTICS, which stands for Operations & Procurement Tracking Intelligence Control System, enables end-users to better manage their energy budget and optimize their energy usage. OPTICS assists end-users in expanding their energy purchasing strategies while tracking all seven steps of the procurement process:

  1. Risk Tolerance Assessment

  2. Benchmarking

  3. Contract Structuring

  4. Supplier Selection

  5. Market Indicators

  6. Execution of Strategy

  7. Auditing and Performance Reporting

    1. Invoicing

    2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Through OPTICS, end-users get an enhanced view of each component of their energy spend, which helps to identify potential future opportunities for cost reduction.

Dave Ferro, CEP
Director of Energy Management Services
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