Abingdon Undivided

Bridge projects are always complex. But designing and constructing a bridge over one of the most traveled highways in the U.S. reaches a new level of complex! So how do you do it without shutting down the roadway, or impacting major utility infrastructure, emergency access and access within the community?

The I-95 Express Toll Lanes Northbound Extension is a more than one-billion-dollar program to remove congestion and improve travel in the area.

In 2019, as part of this program, Pennoni was tasked to design the replacement of the Abingdon Road Overpass in Harford County, MD, a complex project with many constraints, and provide an innovative solution to do it. Pennoni was up for the challenge!

Due to the proximity to emergency medical services and fire services from Abingdon Fire Company, and the need to maintain access for a nearby water treatment facility, valve facility, a historic church and a private residence, this project was incredibly complicated.

This meant designing a bridge for phased construction while keeping constructability and access at the front of all decisions making. Using Bridge Information Modeling (BIM) – a method for designing and detailing bridge plans using smart 3D models that evolve with the project through automated changes to geometrics and element level detailing – the design team was able to provide bridge replacement and approach roadway design as well as temporary traffic signal design that allowed both directions of traffic to share one lane and keep the bridge open during construction. The design plans lengthen and slightly raise the bridge allowing for widening of I-95 to include two express toll lanes underneath on the northbound lanes. The design also allows for a southbound expansion in the future. The design was completed in less than 18 months and construction got underway in 2021!

Pennoni was there to do and document it all! Check out the full video of our work including aerial footage, full animation sequences and so much more with the Abingdon Overpass Replacement below!


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