An update during COVID-19 outbreak

As we enter week two of this journey, we wanted to update where we are as a firm:

  • I mentioned this last week, but it bears repeating, as consultants for both government and private
    clients, we provide essential services that are needed to keep many of the critical infrastructure systems in our communities operating
  • With offices in many states, the regulations vary as to how we must conduct business. We continue to
    monitor them as they seem to change daily.
  • As a design consulting firm, we were able to successfully transition most of our staff, where mandated,
    to work remotely
  • In office locations where we don’t have such restrictions, we have reduced the amount of staff in the
    office to maintain safe social distancing as recommended by the CDC, by offering remote workstations.
  • Like other companies, we have limited traveling and suspended meeting in large groups.
  • Our employees that must be present in the field, such as construction observation on projects, have
    been instructed as to the precautions they must take to protect both themselves and those that they encounter.

All of this said, we continue to work on our projects in order to meet client deadlines and avoid any unnecessary delays. Our staff is communicating both internally amongst their teams, as well as externally with clients, stakeholders and agencies through phone calls, Skype messages, video conferencing, and emails.
As thought leaders, we have received requests from clients to seek our expertise in navigating through various issues they are facing.

It is very encouraging how our country has quickly learned, in these few short days, to keep moving forward. Whether in a business setting or in our personal lives shopping for groceries and other daily essentials, people are responding.

We are a resilient society and have adapted to many adversities throughout our history. That is what makes our country so great.

Please continue to be vigilant, follow the CDC guidelines, keep yourselves safe, and let us know how we can be of assistance during these difficult and evolving times.

David DeLizza, President & CEO


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