Are You Designing For The Future Or The Past?

As the world changes and technology advances further, we need to build smarter, not faster. AEC industry professionals must ask themselves this pressing question: Are you designing for the future or the past? 

We can’t build our way out of traffic congestion by building more highways, and we can’t source the energy we need with depleting fossil fuel sources. The design profession can’t just be cutting edge; it must be ahead of cutting edge. We must approach projects and look for ways to plan for what the future may look like, all while being innovative and environmentally conscious. 

Joe Viscuso explains his approach and advice in a Smart & Resilient Cities article here.

So, how will you design the future? 

Joseph Viscuso, PE, PLS, ENV SP

Joe serves as Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth which includes involvement in all new initiatives and technologies. Joe is active in the Smart City Council and is a member of the Urban Mobility Task Force. He also manages the firm’s Mergers and Acquisition activities.

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