Design Visualization Demo Reel

Through cinematic animation and visualizations, Pennoni FX Studios (PFX), our in-house design visualization team, brings projects and designs to life. Our visualizations are created and based on meaningful engineering data to convey ideas clearly and effectively – not only to the public, but also to our clients and design team partners. We create stunning visuals for stakeholder involvement, including immersive virtual / augmented reality capabilities. The ability to visually comprehend a project before it begins has helped elected officials and residents understand exactly how the surrounding area will be affected by the proposed changes.

To better market this service, we have produced a DV Demo Reel to highlight our best and brightest capabilities. The PFX group is very excited to present this video which features views zooming under the Anacostia bridge in Washington, DC, gliding through a busy Wegmans parking lot in North Carolina, walking you down a new pedestrian park walkway in FL Florida and passing through a pasture of life-like flowers along the Brandywine River in Delaware.

Joseph Spadea, PE

Joe is a Senior Bridge Engineer and Project Manager. As the leader of Pennoni’s Visualization User Group, Joe provides accurate and photorealistic renderings and animations for active projects, concepts, visual impact assessments and public involvement efforts.

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