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In today’s world of the Internet of Things, there is so much discussion surrounding the benefits of big data, analytics, dashboards, and digital twin, yet getting started can seem overwhelming particularly to smaller water utilities with limited funds and staff. From my experience, a great way to start is to pursue an avenue that will likely yield lower costs quickly with limited taxing of existing personnel. Energy is one of the three major costs, along with personnel and chemicals, in water and wastewater treatment and transmission centers, and the easiest place to find cost savings.

Big or small, Pennoni is well qualified to assist water utilities of all sizes in optimizing energy management, reducing energy costs, and thereby allowing limited funds to be shifted to other needs. Every client has a unique story, when we are approaching a new solution it is valued and important for to hear about it firsthand. From there, we can tailor recommendations in manageable pieces so all utilities can move the needle forward at a capable degree.

We begin with how best to purchase energy, including the best contracts for fixed pricing or variations in market conditions for electricity or natural gas. This expertise also includes an audit of how energy is used, including “low hanging fruit” recommendations, improving efficiency of mechanical equipment, data trending and scheduling of operating activities to reduce “on-peak” demands, and developing renewable sources such as biogas or solar energy. Pennoni also has financing partners from which it may be possible that energy audits and improvements to equipment can be financed from energy savings, so there are less out-of-pocket expenses to the water utility. For water utilities that qualify, Pennoni can navigate through opportunities to deliver grant funding.

Thomas Frederick

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Tom serves as Associate Vice President, Director Water/Wastewater Practice for Pennoni and is responsible for the overall coordination of the company’s engineering services to clients within the drinking water and wastewater industry, including reuse water and water resources.



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