Engineering for data center infrastructure

Remote and virtual work became the norm over the last few months and looks like it will continue to some extent into the foreseeable future. Even as firms reopen physical locations, the reliability of your data center operations, network connectivity, and IT infrastructure will be at the forefront of every conversation.

At Pennoni, both our public and private clients are grappling with maintaining that network connectivity reliability no matter how their IT infrastructure is set up. While many private businesses have on-premises (on-prem) server rooms, there are entities that rely on co-location (colo) or cloud computing data centers.

Traditionally, Pennoni’s data center experience has been for co-location sites, where the typical development project contains components related to site layout, grading, stormwater management and infrastructure, as well as building components of structural and MEP design. These data center sites must also deal with expanded security requirements, access to reliable power and desired redundancy, and site circulation to balance customer security demands with the logistical needs of the facility operator. In addition, the augmented structural demands that heavy mechanical equipment requires to handle the specialized needs associated with electrical loads and cooling requirements, are also critical components specific to the data center market.

Pennoni recently partnered with BRUNS-PAK who has been a leader in the data center, design-build community for more than 40 years. BRUNS-PAK’s “hybrid” data center/cloud/colo assessment addresses and compares options and provides budget estimates and schedules to find the optimum solution for each client’s needs. BRUNS-PAK believes that there are 19 elements for a successful data center project.

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