Granting success with project funding

At Pennoni, we have a long history of successfully identifying and securing grants for our municipal and private sector clients. We have assisted our clients in securing grant money to help implement strategic infrastructure projects to improve their communities and businesses with these funds. Winning grants requires writing, technical and cost estimating expertise to cue the granting agency on how the proposed project will satisfy their funding program goals. Upon securing a grant, our experts can then successfully design and complete projects.

Last month our East Goshen Park playground project received Burke Playground’s Project of the Year award. Pennoni serves as the Appointed Municipal Engineer and worked with Township staff in preparing the grant application. The Township was awarded a $250,000 Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) grant and a $225,000 Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grant covering more than half of the $715,000 cost. Private donations totaled $27,000 and the Township covered the remaining costs. Pennoni provided environmental testing of site soils, topographic survey, layout, stormwater and playground design and prepared drawings and bid documents. The new playground opened in July 2018. 

Pennoni also recently assisted the City of Davenport, FL to secure funding to design a Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) and Sewer Collection/Transmission System. The project will be funded by 80% grant and 20% loan, along with a low-interest long-term FDEP loan to expand the WWTF capacity. This will position the City to apply for more than $15 million in funding assistance for project implementation. Overall, we have successfully assisted our Florida clients in securing more than $264 million worth of grants and other funding solutions since the year 2000.

Our most recent Camden, NJ acquisition, Group Melvin, has successfully aided many clients in New Jersey in obtaining grant funding for planning purposes. Planning grants are a great segue into future grant applications as they provide the granting agencies a more specific vision of the project potential. Melvin’s work has included direct grant preparation, assistance in preparing grant applications, and graphic preparation for applications. The Cherry Hill Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) grant plan awarded $60,000 to identify how on- and off-site pedestrian and bike infrastructure can be improved to better connect to the Cherry Hill Woodcrest Station as well as the surrounding community. The Woodbury TCDI grant awarded $75,000 to respond to an interest for multi-modal transportation expansion and redevelopment. Two proposed Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) Glassboro-Camden Line stations in Woodbury, a proposed North Broad Street redevelopment plan, as well as a possible transit hub, hoped to improve the overall character and quality of life within the City and region, and help to retain and attract businesses and residents.

Securing funding for your project doesn’t need to be cumbersome. As Partners for What’s Possible, we can help from the application process to project completion.

For more information on our grant writing services, read our blog post: Secure your project funding with Pennoni Grant Writers.


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