Higher Education EHS Partners

Educational facilities are the pillars that support our communities and surroundings. Investment towards these learning facilities is a long-term commitment to students and our future. Pennoni’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) group works with academic institutions to see that this investment is secure and that facilities are equipped to provide the best opportunities for its staff and students in a safe environment.

Campuswide exposures are a microcosm for all EHS areas. Pennoni currently provides services including occupational health, environmental compliance and emergency preparedness to the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA to meet those needs. As their trusted, on-call compliance service provider, Pennoni has partnered with the university to meet these needs such as lab safety, emergency plans and exercises, COVID-19 assistance and student / employee safety, fire safety and so much more!

In addition, Pennoni maintains facility safety by working with the university to create safety policies, provide annual training and test for lead, asbestos and mold. What started as one project in 2011 has developed into an established partnership for all EHS needs! Pennoni’s Mike Baltrusaitis, CHMM, CSP, senior health and safety professional, is the “go-to” for all projects at the University of Scranton. He even has his own set of keys and office!

In addition to the great work at the University of Scranton, Pennoni has provided similar services at other higher education institutions in Pennsylvania, including Wilkes University, Keystone College, Marywood University and more!

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