Industrial Hygiene Consulting in the Southeastern United States

The demand for a hazard-free work environment requires the need for Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety services. Although Pennoni is widely known for our engineering services, most clients don’t realize that we also provide expert industrial hygiene services. By implementing state-of-the-art technology and asserting our experiences and knowledge, we are addressing today’s environmental issues for our clients, such as worker exposure assessments, health and safety compliance, air pollution, asbestos, lead-based paint, and indoor air quality.

Here are our top services in Industrial Hygiene/Safety services:

Asbestos Consultant

Did you know? Only environmental professionals with certifications such as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Professional Engineer (PE), Architect and Professional Geologist (PG) are eligible to obtain licensing.

Pennoni maintains a staff of AHERA trained professionals in the asbestos disciplines of project designer, management planner, building inspector and project monitor. Services provided by Pennoni include:

    • Conducting surveys for ACM
    • Development of operations and maintenance plans
    • Monitoring and evaluating asbestos projects
    • Preparation of asbestos abatement specifications

Mold Consultant

Mold assessors are responsible for a detailed evaluation/inspection of a work site/structure to determine the origin, identity, location and extent of amplification of mold growth where it exceeds 10 square feet.  

Mold licensing is designed to protect public safety/welfare, prevent damage to property, and to avert economic injury.

Why Choose Pennoni for your licensed Asbestos/Mold Projects?

      1. We have 35 office locations throughout the United States, including 7 in the southeastern US.
      2. Our Industrial Hygiene services are managed by a CIH/CSP with more than 20 years of experience and our team is made up of a diverse professional staff consisting of CIHs, CSPs, PEs, PGs covering a wide range of engineering and science disciplines.
      3. Our project expertise includes all phases of construction, renovation, maintenance and demolition.
      4. Our emergency response capabilities, quick decision-making, and time-tested solutions can save you both time and money with minimal business interference while addressing your health and safety concerns.


Pennoni provides a wide variety of other Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Services including Lead-Based Paint inspections and testing, water sampling and analysis, and Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments. Please contact Thomas Adams at 727-536-8772 or if you have additional questions.


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