Intern & Co-Op Highlight Part 2

We’re continuing to highlight our interns and co-ops! From Winter Haven, FL to Mechanicsburg, PA, see what they’ve been up to. If you missed part one, check out the article here.

Winter Haven, FL

Andrew Michael Elliott joined in July as a marketing intern for five weeks as part of a requirement for a college class he is taking over the summer. Andrew will be entering his final semester at the University of Florida this fall with a major in marketing and a minor in German. Andrew has been instrumental in organizing our legacy marketing materials, working with our project managers to draft project summary request forms for newly completed projects, and lending his photography skills for project photos. He has also participated in Deltek Vantagepoint software training sessions, adding to his growing list of marketing software skills.

Haddon Heights and Camden, NJ

Hudson Kleber attends the University of Maryland where he studies mechanical engineering. He has learned how much planning, surveying, and design goes into something as simple as an HVAC system.

Ashley Ferrante is a transportation engineering intern. She is a rising senior at Rowan University studying civil and environmental engineering. During her time at Pennoni, she’s been learning about hydrology and hydraulics.

MacKenzie Carr is an engineering intern in our site design group. She attends Rowan University where she studies civil and environmental engineering. She has been utilizing AutoCAD to complete base maps, concept design plans, landscape plans, and make plan revisions.

Alyssa Condell is an industrial hygiene intern. She is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying biology and earth science. She’s had the opportunity to travel around the tri-state area to collect samples of mercury, mold, and noise. She discovers the sources of an issue and how to keep the people exposed to containments safe.

Zak Hammel is an intern in our environmental group. He is a rising senior at Rowan University studying mechanical engineering. He has learned about the testing/research that goes into making sure a job site is environmentally safe. He’s been out on job sites a few times to sample soil, and groundwater for testing which is excellent experience.

Ryan Miller is an engineering intern in the energy and design-build group. He attends the University of Notre Dame and is studying mechanical engineering. This summer, he has been learning about combined heat and power and solar systems.

Jasmine Hunter is an accounting intern. She attends Rowan University where she studies accounting/finance and music composition. At Pennoni, she has learned there is a plethora of little moving parts to operate a business.

Kevin Shine is in our municipal group. He attends Rowan College-Burlington County/Rowan University. He has created project location maps, created a FEMA flood hazard map for Moorestown Township, and searched state, county, and municipal ordinances and standards for information pertaining to projects.

Jake Zuckerman is in our industrial hygiene group. He is a rising sophomore at Purdue University where he studies mechanical engineering. He’s learned about the various projects that the Industrial Hygiene department works on and how to work productively on them with a team in a business environment.

John Lorusso is in our survey group. He is a rising sophomore at the College of New Jersey where he studies civil engineering. He has helped complete topographic and hydrographic surveys as well as planimetric surveys. He is continuing to learn the many types of jobs a surveyor could be asked to perform and how to complete them as well as the value of communication among a crew and clientele.

Nicholas Maisch is an intern in our inspection and testing group. He attends Illinois State University where he studies construction management. He has learned a lot about his field of study and the different kinds of work that can be done on a construction site and the ins and outs of how concrete, soil, and sand can be tested in more ways than he ever thought.

Noah Frantz is an intern in our inspection and testing group. He attends Ursinus College where he studies physics and plays division III lacrosse. After Ursinus, he plans to attend grad school for engineering. At Pennoni, he has been working in the lab testing concrete along with other materials.

Andrew Howe is a co-op in our civil site group. He attends Drexel University where he studies civil engineering. When he started at Pennoni, he only knew a little bit of AutoCAD but has grown his AutoCAD knowledge greatly by using it almost every day. He has also learned a lot about what goes into setting up a site plan.

Michael Chicalo is a MEP intern. He attends the University of Delaware where he studies mechanical engineering. He has learned useful tips and tricks in AutoCAD MEP and how engineers approach surveying out in the field.

Mitchell Burnham is an intern in our  civil site group. He attends Rowan University where he studies civil and environmental engineering. He has gone on site visits all over South Jersey and working CAD to help the engineers with projects. He particularly enjoyed the on-site visits. He also learned how to do a municipal review, which is something he had no prior knowledge before.

Wyoming Valley, PA

Josh Mies is working in the transportation division. He has been assisting the group in a POA study by calculating existing and future traffic data; creating construction and signal plans in MicroStation and assisting with pavement projects by field viewing existing features and checking pavement quantities. Josh will be heading into his junior year at York College of Pennsylvania.

Leesburg, VA

Tommy Bowie is working as a survey field technician this summer. He’s primarily working on construction stakeout on the Interstate 95/Route 630 Interchange project. He is a rising junior at Missouri University of Science and Technology and plays on the men’s golf team. He is currently studying Computer Engineering with a focus on electronics.

Akul Mehra is a rising junior at Virginia Tech majoring in civil engineering. He would like to go into either land development, water resources, or transportation and plans on enrolling in the accelerated master’s program at Virginia Tech. At Pennoni, he has learned about working within a firm as well as being in the field. In the office, he has done site planning and erosion and sediment control plans while performing storm structure inspections in the field.

Jameson Copeland is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in water resources (hydrology) and will be graduating in December. He says the thing he’s learned most at Pennoni is the daily workings within a private firm versus at a public company from his last internship. He has also learned a lot about storm sewer systems and how they work and look in urban environments. His goal right now is to keep narrowing down his interests to determine which direction he wants to pursue, whether it be higher education or in the workforce.

Note: Throughout the summer, our Leesburg, VA interns have been part of the team performing storm sewer inspections with Fairfax County. Pennoni has completed the inspections of more than 9,400 structures throughout the county, and Jameson and Akul have been a part of approximately 3,000. The inspections include the assessment of a storm structure’s condition as part of the County’s asset management program and includes the maintenance and population of the County’s GIS database. They have been exposed to a wealth of experiences including maintenance tasks, structural stability, and network layout.

King of Prussia, PA

Sajd Kusta is a student at Drexel University in his junior year majoring in civil engineering. This is his third co-op and he has been a Pennoni co-op since March 2019. He has worked on many different projects such as Penn Medicine, Penn Museum, Lehigh University renovation, and more. Pennoni provided Sajd with three certifications, namely, ACI Grade 1 field technician, 10-hour OSHA, and transportation safety of a nuclear density gage for soils testing. This was all to extend his knowledge and to become active in the field. So far, this experience has been very fruitful in applying the theoretical knowledge obtained from school and in understanding real life scenarios in a practical manner.

Volodymyr Babiy (Walter) is an engineering co-op in our material testing and inspections division. He will be entering his fourth year at Drexel University studying civil engineering with concentrations in geotechnical engineering and engineering management. During the past few months, Walter has conducted a variety of tests throughout the mid-Atlantic region including: dynamic cone penetration tests; drop hammer tests; geotechnical probe bearing capacity tests and nuclear gauge moisture and density tests for building pads and foundation; bituminous gauge density tests for parking lots and roads, and floor flatness and levelness tests; and concrete slump, air and temperature tests for building slabs, elevator shafts, foundations, and caissons.

Mechanicsburg, PA

Bradford Corridon is an engineering intern. He is a Penn State University student majoring in civil engineering and entering his senior year. He’s currently working on the Penn State lighting study project by collecting field data at several of their branch campuses. Here’s what Bradford had to say about his time here at Pennoni, “My summer at Pennoni has been nothing but amazing. I have learned a lot about traffic engineering by helping collect travel time data in Hanover, PA and assembling reports on turning movement counts in the York, PA area. I also got to see the Highway Engineering side by helping with the I-476 turnpike project. I assisted a lot on this project by researching unit prices, preparing cost estimates, verifying property lines, determining fill/cut areas, preparing cross section pages, and much more. I have done so much at Pennoni this summer that has taught me a great deal of valuable information along the way.”

Jonathan Wacker is currently a sophomore at Drexel University pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with a minor in computer science. He is a member of the Drexel Formula SAE Racing team, the Pennoni Honors College, and is the public relations representative of the Drexel Badminton Club. In his free time, he likes to build and tinker with 3D printers. So far at Pennoni, he’s mainly contributed his CAD expertise by drawing sketches of lot boundaries and road right of ways.

Benjamin Finkbeiner is an intern on the environmental team. He has worked on many projects completing tasks such as soil sampling, mapping, wetland delineation, habitation studies, environmental compliance, GPS, and other support duties. Within his first week at Pennoni, he was already doing important field work on a site outside of Pittsburgh where he identified several species of trees within certain distances to see if they would be habitable by an endangered bat species. A couple weeks later, he returned to the site to collect soil samples with a fellow Pennoni environmental scientist from Pittsburgh. It was exciting and interesting to take the samples and receive the laboratory results a few weeks later. From this experience he learned what steps businesses need to take and what permits they need to obtain from environmental branches of government when building and operating.       

Stay tuned for our third and final highlight! 


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