Memorializing the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge

On September 7, 2021, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser cut the ribbon on the brand new and long-awaited Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. The two-day celebration of the new bridge kicked off on Labor Day with a 5K race attended by approximately 4,000 people. It was immediately followed by a community day on the bridge deck with music, food and a pop-up vaccination site.

While Pennoni has been involved with projects in D.C. for several years, our services for this project were certainly unique. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Spadea, PE, a bridge engineer from our Newark, DE office, Pennoni’s PFX and marketing teams supported TB&A during the grand opening of the largest infrastructure project in Washington D.C.’s Department of Transportation history.

TB&A is a top PR firm in the area and has been conducting public engagement work with infrastructure projects in D.C for more than 30 years. Thanks to Spadea’s efforts, Pennoni has established a great relationship with TB&A, and they continually call on Pennoni’s multidisciplinary array of services that extend far beyond the typical engineering scope.

Along with Spadea, Cory Hessel and Jake Voorhees led a media team to capture event footage, interview key stakeholders and community leaders, and capture 360 videos of the three-day grand opening celebration. Following those events, our marketing team produced the promotional event recap video of the entire celebration.

Check out the finalized video here.

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