Pennoni and Kognition partner to deliver solutions by combining engineering services and technology

PHILADELPHIA – Pennoni, a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm, announced their partnership with Kognition, the fastest growing artificial intelligence company in Philadelphia. As businesses and local governments continue to implement “smart” initiatives, this collaboration will provide clients with integrated solutions that combine innovative technologies with forward thinking engineering services.

Pennoni offers multidisciplinary engineering services including a focus on smart solutions in the areas of energy, transportation, utilities, and facilities management. Kognition’s smart property digital software solutions include touchless entry, facial recognition, quick start fever detection, contact tracking, tracing, and notification. When Pennoni’s services are combined with Kognition’s software, businesses and government agencies alike can benefit from turnkey solutions from everyday needs such as security and integrated building automation, to the strategy around getting employees back to work following a pandemic or other large scale health or security related event.

“We are excited to be partnering with Kognition in the delivery of innovative solutions to our public and private clients,” said Joseph Viscuso, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth at Pennoni. “As our clients continue to move into the smart solutions space, our team is able to offer the ability to combine smart solutions in areas such as Building Automation Systems (BAS), building security and other facility sensors, with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) interface of Kognition to bring the monitoring and management of facilities to a new level.”

 “Kognition is very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Pennoni,” said Matias Klein, President and CEO at Kognition. “In the face of ongoing challenges and uncertain risks, we believe that combining our patented ground breaking AI solutions with Pennoni’s innovative approach towards transforming real estate and facilities with intelligent infrastructure solutions, will bring us one step closer to a safer and smarter world.”   

Last month, Pennoni and Kognition teamed up to present a webinar on the innovative tools that are available to clean, detect, verify, and notify amid COVID-19.

About Pennoni
As a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm founded more than five decades ago, Pennoni approaches engineering challenges from a wider spectrum of angles than most, from land development to energy management. Our goal is to help communities and private sector clients alike navigate the ever-changing technological advancements available and learn how best to integrate “smart” solutions into the current landscape and make them a part of resilient and sustainable planning. Our combination of talent and experience generates unprecedented solutions for diverse and iconic projects around the globe. 

Pennoni Contact:
Katie Crawford
Marketing Manager

About Kognition
Kognition is developer of a game-changing enterprise AI platform that automates security, compliance, and other high-value business operations in a single, hyper-converged, hardware-agnostic platform. With Kognition, your commercial properties can see, think, and act autonomously to improve operations, increase security, lower costs, and more. In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Kognition introduced a line of COVID-19 emergency response solutions. These AI-powered smart building solutions give owners and operators a comprehensive set of health security tools to help protect employees, tenants, and visitors so that commercial buildings can safely open and remain open.

Kognition Contact:
Laurel Fairworth


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