Pennoni and MeterSYS partner to deliver turnkey solutions for smarter water delivery and treatment systems

PHILADELPHIA – Pennoni, a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm, today announced their partnership with MeterSYS®, an innovator of advanced metering technology and smart city solutions. As utilities and local governments continue to implement smart city initiatives, this collaboration will provide clients with turnkey solutions for their water delivery and treatment system needs designed to be a part of a bigger smart city picture.   

Pennoni offers water and wastewater services to clients from New Jersey to Florida, combined with the solutions MeterSYS provides which leverage intelligent sensors, geo analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, allow utilities to have a better understanding of the real-time condition of their water infrastructure. MeterSYS’s approach to the meter and sensor industry joined with Pennoni’s capabilities of system analysis, water main and pump station design, and Geographic Information System (GIS) and asset management platforms, creates a powerful team with the knowledge to deliver solutions that enable clients to assess their smart water meter and sensor deployment needs.

“We are excited to be partnering with MeterSYS in the delivery of innovative solutions to public and private utility systems,” said Joseph Viscuso, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth at Pennoni. “As our clients continue to move into the smart solutions space, our team is able to offer alternatives for consideration rather than single solutions based on a single source meter or sensor supplier. One size does not fit all in this market.”

“Pennoni offers our clients broad, technology-driven solutions for water/wastewater and other public services,” said Andy Honeycutt, President and Chief Consulting Officer with MeterSYS. “By combining Pennoni’s expertise in innovative engineering with our dedication to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and utility automation, we are able to meet some of the industry’s most pressing challenges in areas including meter reading automation, non-revenue water loss, aging infrastructure, and storm water management while leveraging the expanded functionalities on reliable AMI and LoRa networks.”

About Pennoni

As a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm founded more than five decades ago, Pennoni approaches engineering challenges from a wider spectrum of angles than most, from land development to energy management. Our goal is to help communities and private sector clients alike navigate the ever-changing technological advancements available and learn how best to integrate “smart” solutions into the current landscape and make them a part of resilient and sustainable planning. Our combination of talent and experience generates unprecedented solutions for diverse and iconic projects around the globe. 

Pennoni Contact:
Joseph Viscuso, PE, PLS, ENV SP
Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth

About MeterSYS

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and within the Research Triangle, MeterSYS provides comprehensive evaluation, selection, implementation and operational support services for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and related utility devices. Our focus is service to public utilities and agencies working to design and implement smart community IoT solutions and networks. We work each day to be a leading implementation resource for advanced metering and IoT technologies while maintaining our neutrality in the marketplace. Through our utility metering and IoT service platform, we provide our customers solutions that are truly “Beyond the Read™”. For more information about how we may help you strengthen your financial, operational, and customer service performance, please visit

MeterSYS Contact:
Andy Honeycutt
President and Chief Consulting Officer


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