Pennoni Appoints Water/Wastewater Director

Pennoni has hired Thomas Frederick, PE, to serve as an Associate Vice President and the firm’s Director of Water/Wastewater Practice. Tom, who most recently served as Deputy General Manager for a public water utility organization, will lead Pennoni’s vision and strategy for water/wastewater services. With the current water situation around the world, engineering companies must regard minimal environmental and water quality impact as a top priority and utilize experienced water/wastewater professionals in all corners of project portfolios.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Tom’s focus will be to implement business development initiatives, deliver quality projects timely and efficiently, and continue to develop the firm’s existing strategic relationships.  In line with the firm’s “Smart City” initiative, Tom will integrate other Pennoni services that are changing the water/wastewater sector such as energy, sensor technology, and asset management.  Many experts believe that lack of water will be the 21st century’s biggest urban challenge. As science better understands sustainability, and the population keeps growing, the availability of clean water will not meet the increasing demand without further action.  As smart technology and sound engineering practices evolve, Pennoni will continue to address this need and work to minimize waste. 

Based in Virginia Beach, Tom will have a strong impact on projects and water/wastewater business development efforts up and down the East coast. Tom has been a leader in the water industry for more than 35 years and has served in a variety of roles in his career, including the chief executive and spokesperson for a regional wholesale authority in central Virginia. Among his many accomplishments is the high-level leadership oversight and strategic direction for Loudoun Water’s Operations & Maintenance and Engineering Divisions, and Potomac Water Supply Program.The 265-employee water utility serves approximately 220,000 people in one of the five fastest-growing counties in the nation, in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Joseph Viscuso, Pennoni’s Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth anticipates further success with Tom joining the water/wastewater team. He says, “We are delighted to welcome Tom to join the Pennoni team as the lead for our water/wastewater group.  We have a proud history of projects and a great internal team of talented design engineers in this sector.”


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