Pennoni Strives for a More Sustainable Future

The world is changing, and we must change with it. While already deeply integrated in sustainable and resilient design practices, Pennoni recently increased its commitment to a more sustainable future. We are achieving this commitment with the use of new tools, task forces, key initiatives and sustainability/resiliency offerings.

Over the next five years, Pennoni’s strategic plan and key initiatives aim to consider sustainability in all aspects of our practice, while strengthening and growing our sustainability and resiliency programs. We plan to expand our market share by providing resilient solutions for infrastructure hardening projects across all client sectors. Pennoni will continue to promote sustainability and resiliency internally through the pursuit of sustainable certifications (ENV SP, LEED), our EcoVadis sustainability rating and green infrastructure projects.

Pennoni recently promoted Michael Cromer, PG, DBIA, ENV SP, to the new role of vice president of energy and sustainability with the intent to integrate energy and resiliency service offerings with the development of a firmwide sustainability program. Cromer has already implemented the use of the international platform, EcoVadis, a sustainability assessment tool used to provide sustainability ratings for more than 85,000 businesses, creating a global network that helps improve economies, lives and the planet we all depend on.

Sustainability projects, initiatives and goals have become memorialized as a corporate strategy for Pennoni as well as for many of our clients. A successful sustainability program requires dedication from the top down with buy in and culture changes throughout the entire company. To gain feedback from all offices and geographic regions, Pennoni created a working task force with volunteers from our more than 30 offices. Our sustainability task force is broken into four major categories including, environment, ethics, labor and sustainable procurement each group having its own dedicated “champion” to drive policy creation and program management.

The champions for each group are dedicated executives and officers of the firm, specifically leaders from our IT, human resources and environmental, health and safety divisions. Special thanks for their effort in working to improve Pennoni’s sustainability program. Each working group also has several volunteers assisting the champion with the everyday effort and make up the true heart of the program. They are paramount in the adoption of a sustainable culture and the success of the program.

Under Cromer’s direction, Pennoni is focused on integrating energy efficiency and resiliency projects with Pennoni’s traditional service offerings. Some recent examples include sea level rise modeling, energy efficiency, energy management services, distributed generation, EV vehicle and alternative fuels services.  Coupled with our internal grant writing services, we are successfully delivering projects that normally lie outside our traditional engineering offerings.

We are happy to work side by side with our clients on exciting energy and resiliency projects that leave the world a better place while moving us all towards a more sustainable future.

For more information of energy and sustainability at Pennoni, contact Mike Cromer.


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