Pennoni through the Years

by David DeLizza, president and CEO


As we kick off Engineers Week 2022, we thank the engineers of yesterday and today whose hard work and dedication have made Pennoni the firm that we are. Our long-term success can be directly attributed to our engineers, supporting staff and their continued commitment to furthering the knowledge and technology of our practice.

Since our founding in 1966, we have grown from a one-person structural engineering practice to a multidiscipline consulting firm. While our focus is on building the future, it is appropriate to take a moment to honor our past.

Here is a brief history of Pennoni:

  • 1966 – C.R. “Chuck” Pennoni begins his one-person structural engineering practice in West Philadelphia
  • 1967 – The business entity changes from sole practitioner to business corporation and Leo Storniolo is hired at Pennoni Associates Inc. as the first full-time employee
  • 1968 – Pennoni opens its first branch office in New Jersey
  • 1976 – Pennoni has 49 employees
  • 1980 – The firm implements new technology, IBM’s micro computer system, PC Display Write II, which already includes Lotus 1-2-3 and IBM word processing software
  • 1986 – Pennoni has 152 employees
  • 1994 – Pennoni establishes an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), making employees majority owners
  • 1996 – Pennoni introduces its first ever home page on the World Wide Web
  • 1996 – Pennoni has 385 employees
  • 1997 – Patricia Querubin becomes the first female officer of Pennoni
  • 2006 – Pennoni has 685 employees
  • 2007 – C. R. Pennoni establishes the ELLIPSE Award to annually honor a community member who improves the quality of life through pioneering or innovative approaches to civil infrastructure development or redevelopment
  • 2016 – Pennoni celebrates its 50th Anniversary!
  • 2022 – Pennoni has about 1200 employees and 36 offices in more than 10 states

There’s so much more we can share in our 56-year history that make up who we are. Faces change and technologies evolve, but the commitment of our engineers to making a difference in our world has always remained steadfast.

Happy Engineers Week!


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