"Smart” Solutions for the “new normal” in facilities and infrastructure

On April 23rd, Pennoni hosted a webinar, “Smart” Solutions for the “new normal” in facilities and infrastructure, presented by Joseph Viscuso, PE, PLS, ENV SP, Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth at Pennoni. More than 190 clients, colleagues, and teaming partners signed up to learn how in this age of technology, “smart” solutions are playing a major role in the transformation of our infrastructure, real estate, facilities, and communication networks. We received many questions submitted during registration highlighting the importance of this topic especially during our current circumstances. The full recording can be viewed below.

As the current pandemic continues to force us to adapt to our virtual world, the value of the data available and collected through smart technologies is more important than ever. This webinar included an introduction to smart solutions, in the four smart verticals, Transportation, Facilities Management, Energy and Utilities  and more. If you missed the webinar, please view the recording or reach out to Joe for more information.

Joseph Viscuso

If you would like more information on the webinar or smart solutions, please contact Joe at

Joe serves as Director of Strategic Growth which includes involvement in all new initiatives and technologies at Pennoni. He is active in the Smart City Council and is a member of the Urban Mobility Task Force. He has spoken at various industry events on the use of innovative smart solutions.


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