Spring 2018 Perspective

We pride ourselves in our focus on innovative project approaches. We dedicated our Fall Issue of Perspective to Innovation. We strive to stay one step ahead of the always changing technology to improve the services we provide to our current and future clients. Innovation is changing the way we do business and how we must react to make sure we are providing our clients and teaming partners with the very best tools. Whether it be our initiatives in Smart Cities, our focus on asset management, our work in Artificial Intelligence (AI), or our continued push to find the latest technology to better our projects, we work to continue to push the envelope on all emerging technologies that involve client interaction and project delivery.

One area this issue focuses is the constantly evolving design visualization (DV). DV videos are becoming more common, however you’ll find that at Pennoni our videos are built from the ground up! Our visualizations are created and based on meaningful engineering and survey data, giving our videos context to convey ideas clearly and effectively – not only to the public, but also to our clients and design team partners. We create stunning visuals for stakeholder involvement. The ability to visually comprehend a project before it begins has helped elected officials and residents understand exactly how the surrounding area will be affected by the proposed changes.



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