Spring 2021 Perspective

It is the best time ever to be a part of the Pennoni story.
Lately our Land Development group conducted work which enabled the launch of the $200M Longwood Gardens “Reimagined” project. Our Civil/Site group provided a Construction Document set to University of Pennsylvania for the installation of a 5,900 pound sculpture in 8-weeks. Our Structural group is proudly designing the largest bridge within a corridor of infrastructure improvements for MDTA, and saved a 100 year old building from structural damage at Lafayette College.
As for our Pennoni teammate news, this edition includes our safety leaders, sea turtle saviors, student team mentors, and various other employee achievements. We hope you enjoy the highlights of some of these successes that this issue offers.
Wishing you all a happy and safe launch to the 2021 summer season and we look forward to sharing more about our projects and accomplishments with you during the next release!
Thank you!
Pennoni Corporate Communications Team


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