Summer 2018 Perspective: Our Water Issue

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to celebrate with an issue dedicated to water. It’s one of our most precious resources and plays a crucial role in our daily life. Brushing our teeth, making dinner, heating our homes; all uses of water that are essential to our existence. But as a result of these needs, and our worldwide population growth, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization estimates there will be an increased need of 55% more water by 2050. So, what can our industry do to help alleviate the effects of this shortfall?

We want to use this platform to explore this vital resource in unique ways. Whether it’s expanding sewer systems for future capacity or designing buildings to withstand hurricanes, you will see that our industry experts overcome major issues and design for a smarter future. Here at Pennoni, we are constantly exploring options to deliver high-quality work, in the smartest way possible. Water is essential for our health and our economy and it is important that we protect this precious resource and ensure a sustainable water future. Earlier this year, we hired Thomas Frederick to lead our Water/Wastewater Practice. With Tom’s leadership, we will continue to find solutions to our client’s water needs.

Our water experts bring vast experience into the planning, design, and permitting of water and wastewater systems to meet regulatory requirements. From storage, distribution, and transmission, to pump stations and treatment facilities, to asset management, rate studies, identifying financial assistance and other management support, our projects aim to use and reuse water with efficiency and social and environmental sustainability in mind.

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