Surveyors Week 2020: Project Highlights

National Surveyors Week is a week-long celebration, which runs from March 15-21, that honors surveyors and aims to educate the public on the surveying profession. Our hardworking surveyors add immense value to our firm and the projects they work on every day. We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of our surveying projects and the surveyors behind the projects.

CSX transportation intermodal site – Winter Haven, FL

CSX provides rail-based transportation services including traditional rail service and the transport of intermodal containers and trailers. To manage and computerize the process of transporting railroad shipping containers from train cars to delivery semi-trucks automatically, CSX hired Kunz to retrofit three existing intermodal cranes with sensors and GPS at their transportation intermodal site in Winter Haven, FL. Pennoni’s Winter Haven survey group including Michael Joyce, Bryan Zelenenki, and Robert DuBois were brought on by Kunz to perform a High Definition Laser Scanning (HDLS) survey to provide horizontal and vertical coordinates for critical features of the existing intermodal cranes and a GPS base station building. The key features of the survey comprised of more than 300 points included bolt locations of sensors, GPS antennas, and strategic aspects of the cranes and rails.

CSX’s business operations on the site are continuous, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To decrease interruptions to their operations, survey field activities were accomplished in three phases, within five-hour windows of opportunity per crane, and during the night.

“The art of accurately recording measurements is the fundamental of surveying. With new technologies, surveys are performed with increased precision, performed more safely, in less time, for not only the benefit of the client but also the public,” said Robert DuBois, Principal Surveyor.

City of Vineland municipal complex – Vineland, NJ

The City of Vineland municipal complex spans two city blocks and is comprised of the former police headquarters, the historic and current school district administration building, city hall, city administration building, courthouse, and large parking lot. Pennoni’s Haddon Heights, NJ survey group performed an extensive 3D survey of the complex to design a large parking structure to be proposed where the current street level parking lot is. The proposed structure would have pedestrian walkways into various levels of the existing city hall building, which requires the accurate location of the interior areas where these bridges would enter the existing structure.

Various technologies were utilized to collect accurate and complete 3D locations of all the structures including two different HDLS systems (Leica P50 and Leica RTC360) and an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), or drone. The combination of these two technologies provided a highly accurate and complete model in a 3D environment in a timely fashion.

“Surveyors are uniquely positioned to utilize the wide variety of locating technologies in an accurate manner. With our expertise in measurement accuracy and precision, surveyors can uniquely add theoretical lines such as property lines and easements with the 3D models and mass amount of data acquired from the higher technologies. We did all of this on one great project for the City of Vineland,” said Jason Haynes, PLS, Associate Surveyor.

Virginia Beach Sports Center – Virginia Beach, VA

A new sports facility is taking home in Virginia Beach, VA. The Sports Center is located across the street from the Virginia Beach Convention Center and within walking distance to local shops, restaurants and attractions, including the Oceanfront Boardwalk and beach. This facility is part of the city’s plan to redevelop this section of the city into a vibrant and active area which will ultimately include a hotel for the sports events and conventions.

The Sports Center building includes a track and field venue of 70,500 SF and extensive court areas of 117,870 SF. The court area is anticipated to host events for basketball, volleyball, field hockey and wrestling. The facility also includes space for administration offices, dining area, and ticket sales.

Pennoni’s Hampton Roads, VA survey group is the surveyor of design and construction for this project and has been on the MEB General Contractors design/construction team since 2018. The project is nearing completion with an opening date scheduled for fall 2020. The following link provides a look at what is to come.  

Sports Center Fly Through Video – Nov. 2018 from Visit Virginia Beach on Vimeo.


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