Waste-to-Energy Signature Project Video

Americans prepare millions of tons of food each year, but where does all the food we throw away usually go? To a landfill, where it breaks down and generates methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times as potent as carbon dioxide in trapping heat within our atmosphere.

BTS Bioenergy (BTS) is developing a signature waste-to-energy project in conjunction with the Maryland Food Center Authority (MFCA) in Jessup, Maryland. Located within the MCFA’s campus, this plant will divert 100,000 tons of food waste per year from local landfills to anaerobic digesters. The food waste is primarily fruit and vegetable processing remnants, as well as some seafood processing residue. This process produces biogas that will power a combined heat and power system, which will produce heat and electricity to be used within the plant and within the campus. With more than 200 plants generating from 250 kW to 3.5MW throughout the world, BTS is a global leader in the development and operation of anaerobic digestion facilities.

BTS retained our experts in Columbia, Maryland, as well as our Energy and Design-Build team for this exciting project. The project broke ground in May 2018. Watch our video detailing the process of the plant now.


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