City of Newport News, VA

City of Newport News, VA

City of Newport News, VA

Pennoni FX Studios (PFX) developed a multifaceted design visualization for the City of Newport News, VA. The team created 3D models for the existing conditions, as well as integration and creation of over a dozen new or proposed development designs that included a 5-square-mile model environment. Several conceptual models, such as the seafood market, were created in real time by the PFX team with input from City personnel.

The project included a virtual meeting space, virtual 3D tour of the project sites scattered throughout the City of Newport News area, and an enhanced GIS story map complete with 360-degree renderings of the projects. This visualization approach helped to capture more than a decade of planning, projects, and innovations led by the City in one interactive ecosystem. PFX studios worked in synergy with the City’s GIS team in a single large collaboration. Detailing in the model included general amenities (e.g., benches, waste receptacles), landscaping and pavement, larger shrubs and trees, pedestrians, cyclists and avian wildlife, cars, trucks, and buses and luminaires with banners.

In addition to the fully functional 3D model, Pennoni developed a 2-minute animation featuring the exterior of the project, as well as an outreach video. The video used for project promotion included motion graphics, a voiceover, and more to depict the before and aftereffects of the ongoing revitalization in Newport News.

The PFX team (10+ people were involved) worked tirelessly to complete the project in just eight weeks to prepare Newport News for a public demonstration. Existing models were provided by Newport News, which included a litany of filetypes over the last 15 years. In the end, the 5-squaremiles of interactive mapping and photosphere renderings from Photo360 allowed users to navigate to one of the 13 unique photo locations. The project’s miles of interactive mapping and photosphere renderings from Photo360 allowed users to navigate to 1 of the 13 unique photo locations to view the interactive photospheres and watch the outreach video


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