Pushing Boundaries

We employ innovation to engineer success.

As the world continues to change, one can merely sit back and watch, or be a catalyst for that change. From industry leading technologies and services, to our processes and beyond, Pennoni is constantly innovating to accomplish more. This principle is fundamental to our culture and allows us to be proactive to the ever-changing needs of our clients and the world at large.

Asset Management

It has never been more important for assets we designed yesterday to be managed and cared for today. However, this is only possible by using a digital design process or by creating a digital twin of existing structures. It’s equally important for those digital twins to live in synchronicity with their real-world counterparts as alterations and repairs are made. By utilizing modern digital design platforms with data collection and modelling capabilities, all the necessary tools exist to effectively manage today’s assets. And by implementing and maintaining a management program, our infrastructure can benefit from extended life expectancy and increased reliability and safety.

For more information contact Mike Schuldt

Smart Solutions

As an Associate Partner of the Smart Cities Council, we are an integrator in the “echo space” between applied engineering and applied technology, we are bringing smarter solutions to our municipal and private sector clients. Our goal is to help communities and private sector clients alike navigate the ever-changing technological advancements and learn how best to integrate these “smart” technologies into the current landscape in order to make them a part of your future planning.

Learn more about our Smart Solutions offerings here or by contacting Joe Viscuso

Software Solutions

Readily available software offerings, which can be consumed on a pay-as-you-go model, have made the simple tasks of running an organization easier than ever. Custom built software solutions can give our clients a competitive edge or provide a novel approach to an old problem. Our software product offerings represent true niche consulting opportunities where we marry deep subject matter expertise and product development, so we can partner with our clients to drive performance to new heights.

For more information contact Markus Weidner

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (IIS)

Given the high concentration of aging transportation infrastructure, many owners find themselves with extensive maintenance and preservation needs with limited funding. Through an innovative and integrated simulation, sensor, and information technology approach, IIS provides detailed and reliable information on the actual integrity of specific infrastructure, which directly aids owners in making decisions on how to direct their limited financial resources.

Learn more about IIS here or by contacting Jeff Purdy

Energy Management

Energy procurement is a service that affects every entity from hospitals to corporate campuses to municipalities. OPTICS™ is our proprietary energy management system which offers a new approach for procuring energy. This process offers an active approach to energy procurement by using common sense, technical and fundamental energy knowledge, combined with the years of experience of our staff. We offer transparency into the energy market and provide monthly reports to allow our customers to understand where their costs are coming from and why they are happening. 

For more information contact Dave Ferro