DelDOT Public Outreach Design Visualization Videos

PennoniFX has partnered with the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) to showcase proposed new projects to Delaware stakeholders in a way that will enhance public outreach efforts and inspire community support. DelDOT will use the animations and videos as a visual aid during public meetings and project outreach campaigns. The visualizations will assist stakeholders and residents to better understand the improvement concepts and will help in answering the age-old question “why is this construction taking so long?”

The project, which includes five public outreach videos, is being funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as part of their Every Day Counts (EDC-5) initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at improving communications and finding innovation and efficiencies to accelerate project delivery.

“Our visual effects experts are excited to put their talents together to bring these projects to life for DelDOT in a truly unique and straightforward way that showcases otherwise complex engineering and construction work,” says Joe Spadea, PE, PennoniFX Studios Practice Leader.

“It’s very exciting to work with partners that value innovation as much as we do. Innovation is such a large part of DelDOT’s culture and to align our PennoniFX Visualization Team, with such an important client is a perfect synergy,” Philip Horsey, PE, Associate Vice President at Pennoni.

As part of the campaign series, Pennoni FX Studios’ animation experts brought to life DelDOT’s safety mascot, Wally the Work Zone Warrior, as part of a branded standardized intro for this video series. Inspired by the Disney Pixar movie introduction featuring a lively desk lamp, a friendly Wally waves hello before giving the thumbs up next to a 3D DelDOT logo.

Upon seeing the video and Wally introduction for the first time, DelDOT’s Chief of Bridges & Structures, Jason Hastings, MCE, PE, said “you can stop right there, I’m blown away”. Others at DelDOT echoed the impact of the now living brand on the big screen.

The development of the public outreach videos and 3D animation for Wally was a collaborative effort, engaging PFX staff as well as bridge, H&H and transportation professionals to accurately depict each stage of construction.

Pipe Culvert Replacement Video I: 

Stream Diversion & Pipe Excavation Video II: 

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