Optimizing Energy Resources

HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, located in West Philadelphia, first opened its doors as The Home of the Merciful Saviour School in 1882. A national leader in special education, HMS is the only school in Pennsylvania that specializes exclusively in the needs of children with severe disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy or other brain injury.

HMS was founded nearly 140 years ago by Helen Innes, who with her husband, had custody of a boy with disabilities. When they could not find an appropriate home, Mrs. Innes dedicated herself to providing a home for the boy and others like him. She accepted all the children she could, without fee, confident that support would be found and vowing to care for the children.

HMS School educates, nurtures and cares for children and young adults with complex physical disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury or other neurological impairments, with the goal of enabling each to reach their maximum potential. They promote independence and improve the quality of life for youth in a safe and secure environment so each can lead a fulfilling, stimulating life now and as an adult.

With Pennoni’s help, the HMS School has initiated energy efficiency projects that will optimize funding and allow for continued focus on the needs of the students!

Pennoni recently conducted an energy audit of the school that involved evaluating energy cost, consumption and bench marking data for the campus. The audit also provides a list of energy efficiency measures and guidance, strategy and execution of those measures. With this energy and money saving help, the school will be able to reallocate funds originally for heating and cooling the school back into programming for students and faculty, as the school is a 501c(3) charitable organization and a significant amount of funding coming through donation.

By implementing the suggested energy efficiency measures, the HMS School has the potential to save nearly $75k a year. As a result of the energy audit, the HMS School is currently engaged with Pennoni to provide strategic energy master planning.

Pennoni helps clients like the HSM school find areas of improvement. Pennoni offers grant and funding services and provides turnkey energy services that help clients save money and operate their facilities more smoothly and take pride in helping organizations like the HMS School.

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