Smart Solutions

We bring Smart Solutions to our clients.

Smart technologies are playing a major role in the transformation of our infrastructure, real estate, facilities, and communication networks. In communities around the globe, information technology serves as the backbone for providing critical services to citizens and decision makers.

By making their cities smarter not just in using technology but in all that they do government leaders hope to drive competitiveness and growth, while making massive social, business,and environmental improvements. The path to a smart city future is often unclear to urban leaders; and many are looking for help in developing a roadmap that will drive the best results. To provide this needed decision support, ESI Thoughtlab teamed up with a coalition of organizations (including Pennoni) with urban and technology expertise to conduct ground-breaking research into the impact of smart city solutions on urban performance.

Visit the ESI Thoughtlab microsite for the full report, white paper, and more


In today’s world, transportation design must support the development of emerging technologies such as sensor deployment and data collection, real time traffic management, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and “platooning”, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, all while taking into consideration how to improve aging infrastructure (highways, roads, bridges, etc.) and pedestrian mobility. 

Our transportation team offers solutions through Intelligent Transportation Systems, Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Adaptive Traffic Signals, Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging, Vehicle Training Facilities, and Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM). 

Facilities Management 

Private sector and government clients are searching for the best tools to manage their assets, strategize capital planning and budgeting, manage their data, and achieve stakeholder approvals, while considering asset life cycle length, cost segregation, and resiliency planning for disaster recovery. 

Our team provides Data Visualization through a variety of channels depending on the desired outcome. We offer Asset Management using GIS, Intelligent Pavement Management (IPM), SITEOPS, Design Visualization (PennoniFX), 3D Laser Scanning, and Drone Application and Aerial Imagery. 


With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, private and public entities are being forced to reevaluate how they manage their energy usage. There has been an increased awareness regarding renewable requirements, cost uncertainty, natural gas availability, governmental regulations, sustainability initiatives, resiliency, energy efficiency and savings, aging infrastructure, portfolio management, life cycle costs, and rebates, incentives, and grants. 

We provide energy management using OPTICS (Operation Procurement Tracking Intelligence Control System) and Utilities Watch (UW) – Facilities Continuous Commissioning, while also offering solutions including waste-to-energy (biogas and syngas), distributed generation (CHP and Solar), microgrids, conditions assessments, utilities mapping, turnkey design-build and financing, and PACE financing. 

Water/Wastewater/Solid Waste

The quality and quantity of our water supply has produced increased governmental regulations, the need for waste-to-energy solutions, and further development of sensor technology for data collection and analysis, while also addressing aging infrastructure and resiliency planning. 

Our water/wastewater/solid waste team offers solutions to these challenges by implementing SCADA systems; wastewater reclamation for cooling, heating, and re-use (graywater); smart meter deployment; waste-to-energy projects; advanced treatment technologies; innovative financing options; education and training; advanced stormwater and green street solutions; conditions assessment; and utilities mapping.