Teeing Up Success

Pennoni’s vision is the long-term ambition for the future we create. The firm aspires to bring meaning to the work, inspire clients and overall, create a bigger impact on the world. Pennoni’s commitment to the future lives in the generations to come. Which is why we partnered with the Delaware chapter of First Tee.

First Tee exists to enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges through golf. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills curriculum, they create learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence and resilience that kids carry to everything they do.

First Tee Delaware is raising funds to build a new learning center for underserved students at Rock Manor Golf Club, located in Wilmington, DE. What better way to express a vision than with design visualization! Using existing, proposed First Tee Learning Center site plans and layouts, the Pennoni FX Studios (PFX) team created an animated video to be used in fundraising efforts to bring that vision to life.

First Tee began in 1997 as a partnership among the LPGA, the Masters Tournament, the PGA of America, the PGA TOUR, and the USGA to make golf affordable and accessible for all kids. As they introduced the game, focusing on its inherent values and skills, they recognized the meaningful personal growth and impact this program brought to youth, both on and off the course.

Now, for over two decades they’ve been committed to helping kids build character strengths and important life skills through the game and providing all kids with access to opportunities for personal growth in a fun and safe environment. While they began on golf courses, they’ve expanded to physical education classes across the country through in-school and after-school programs.

Pennoni is proud to support an organization that seeks to execute that vision and looks forward to continued partnership with First Tee Delaware!



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